Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Texas State Representative House District 33: Solomon P. Ortiz Jr. Defeats Mikal Watts at his Own Game. Or Perhaps GOD intervened.

A BurkaBlog: A Kenedeno Responds to Paul Burka Article with a knockout in the Article Entitled, "Solomon P. Ortiz Jr. Defeats Mikal Watts at his Own Game. Or Perhaps GOD intervened.: "August 22, 2006"

Solly's opponent claimed he had endorsements in writing and he in fact had them but that is the key, ....... he "had them". We are dealing with human beings who will change their mind if and when they see a better deal. Now whether that means more honest, more for the voter, or getting their eyes poked with the Silver Tongue talking like a multi ventriloquist that is for us to find out. Endorsements dont mean anything unless it is on the day they vote. Ask the NY Mets about that phenomenon as they will sit at home this October after leading the whole season.

BurkaBlog:Some Insight Into WATT Endorsements Mean in South Texas?

Education is our freedom, Fund education not i incarceration our we will get other representation!

Private Agenda funding puppet politicians publically policy provisions
Posted on September 12, 2007 at 03:37:54 AM by Oh Banking in the Cayman USA

AUSTIN -- Texas has spent more than $250,000 to provide security for Gov. Rick Perry and his wife during international trips, state records show.

Most of the trips were touted as economic development missions, but the security tally also includes a Grand Cayman vacation last year and a 2004 trip to the Bahamas with campaign donors that the governor's office said was to discuss education.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has spent $259,428 on the Governor Protective Detail for nine trips since 2004, according to figures obtained by Texas newspapers.

When it comes to Perry's direct expenses, travel costs are normally covered by a privately funded economic development program overseen by his office, business contributions or his campaign. But the state covers security costs.

"Whenever the governor travels, we go with him. That's the way it's been with past governors," DPS spokesman Tom Vinger said.

Perry spokesman Robert Black said the governor's travel is important to advancing his economic development agenda.

"As the leader of the 10th largest economy in the world, the governor has made job creation and economic development a cornerstone of his administration, and that means ... bringing jobs to this state, whether from inside our own country or from around the world," Black said Tuesday.

The DPS highway patrol budget, financed mostly by the state gasoline tax and vehicle registration fees, funds the security detail.