Saturday, September 23, 2006

Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum: President of Del Mar College Carlos Garcia DNA CG TA Strands Learning Tool: "Carlos Garcia Loves Tits & Ass"

Del Mar Electronic Anonymous Input Forum: President of Del Mar College Carlos Garcia DNA CG TA Strands Learning Tool: "Carlos Garcia Loves Tits & Ass"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Something is rotten in Denmark

The article in the CCCT (in the Local/Texas section) titled "Money went to local GI Forum"; the related link “GI Forum Transactions” lists numerous financial transactions but after some investigation, Kenedeno & Associates finds there are discrepancies. Specific questions reverberate from those who ARE "In The Know".

Mr Chavez,

In year 2004, a state convention was held. According to the “checks and withdrawals” listed $17,906.77 was spent, yet the convention was a function that raised money. There was an admission/membership fee that was charged but is not computed. Will you please show us the "work"? Like in Algebra a math student must show his or her "work" and not just the final answer; not just magically appeared?

Where is the money from the “Golf Tournament” sponsored by Fil Vela and Rene Rodriguez? Again, will you please show us the "work"?

Where is the Western Union money?

Where is the Citgo money?

Where is the money from the GI Forum convention 2004?

Will you please show us the "work"?

These are just to name a few. Perhaps Mr. Ram Chavez will give us the full financial disclosure soon, since, there is an accounting already done by an independent CPA?

This independent accounting firm Swank & Salch is credited with the figures yet I see nothing affirming this except the Caller's noted credibility.

So WATT happened to the old guy who was gonna do it for a $1000? The CPA who worked for Dr Hector?

And why did Juan Garcia step down from the National Archives Board of Directors?

And why ain't the damn grass mowed?

Yes I know the Archives are separate from the Chapters but the lack of Unity is indicative of the root of the problems. All of them.

I submit a letter from Peter Vallecillo. In this letter one will realize the multiple violations that occurred because two men (Willy Davila & Martin Barrios) practiced due diligence and demanded accountability.

Oh I almost forgot! Watt bank pays 33 cents for the year 2004 when there was money in the bank? And when there is less in 2005 the bank pays 67 cents?

“Something smells rotten in Denmark”

This investigative article was researched, compiled and written by dannoynted1 & Jaime Kenedeno. If YOU want to Contribute to our team efforts, have a tip or you need the ENGAGEMENT & INTERACTIVE ; Kenedeno & Associates respectfully brings the Intangible to YOU. It is up to you to do your homework.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Smells like bullshit to moi

Review finds funds from '99 suit spent on chapter
By adriana garza Caller-TimesSeptember 9, 2006
A review of the Dr. Hector P. Garcia Founding Chapter of the American GI Forum's special bank account indicates that money from a 1999 lawsuit has been spent on chapter business, members said at a press conference Friday.
Former founder's chapter commander Ram Chavez, who has been expelled by the national organization, and two other members of the Founding Chapter paid for the review conducted by a local accounting firm.

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The review indicates $33,852 was deposited in the chapter's special account from the building fund lawsuit in 2000.
Chavez said the money is what was left of a $57,000 payment to the chapter as a result of the lawsuit.
The suit, filed by several local GI Forum chapters, was against the nonprofit National Archives & Historical Foundation of the American GI Forum and several of its directors.
The chapters claimed that the foundation denied them access to money in a building fund controlled by the foundation.
Members also alleged they were not allowed to join the foundation.
Through mediation, the founder's chapter was paid a sum of money. Two former chapter members and the National Board of Directors have asked to review documents that detail how they claim the $50,000 the chapter received from suit was spent, but the chapter did not turn over records.
In July, the national organization suspended the Founding Chapter, citing the chapter's failure to turn over financial documents. Two weeks later, the chapter was reinstated.
Chavez said the chapter spent about $23,000 on attorney and court costs, in addition to reimbursing local GI forum members who contributed to help fund the lawsuit.
Since the money was deposited in 2000, it has been used for convention expenses, including transportation, registration and hosting the state convention in 2004, according to the audit.
Some of the money also was used for slot machines in 2001 before the machines were banned in the county, Chavez said. Once they became illegal, the chapter shut down the machines that raised about $4,500 in revenue for the chapter.
Internal struggles between the national organization and the Founding Chapter over the disclosure of the financial documents have been the focus of much of the controversy surrounding the chapter in recent years.
Chapter members said they felt they were treated unfairly by the national organization but believed they were vindicated by the review, which conducted by the Swank and Salch accounting firm.
"The chapter never believed this was a legit issue," said Bob Ortiz, interim commander of the Founding Chapter. "We feel the cloud over us is now gone."
For years, the National American GI Forum has inquired as to the accountability of the chapter regarding a lawsuit filed seven years ago by Dr. Xico Garcia, brother of GI Forum founder Dr. Hector P. Garcia.
Ortiz said the chapter will present the review to the state GI Forum Board of Directors at today's meeting.
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District Judge James DeAnda meets with Maria Ramirez (photo above) as Alvino Campos looks on, and with U.S. District Judge Janis Graham Jack (photo at

Activist helped desegregate area schools
By mary ann cavazos Caller-TimesSeptember 8, 2006
Civil rights activist, lawyer and retired U.S. District Judge James DeAnda was a man who fought for fairness and equality for all Americans, in and out of the courtroom, friends said.
DeAnda died Thursday in Michigan after a long illness. He was 81.
In 1968, DeAnda argued in the landmark case Cisneros v. Corpus Christi ISD, which went before the U.S. Supreme Court. The justices' ruling resulted in busing and later helped increase funding for special emphasis schools that ultimately led to school desegregation in the city.
"It was a major civil rights case involving Hispanics," said former state Sen. Carlos Truan. "It clearly brought out that Hispanics had suffered the same civil rights violations that African-Americans had."
During the trial, DeAnda refused to be steered off his goal and remained focused on winning the case, despite receiving several death threats.
"He was dedicated to what he did. He stood up under those things," Corpus Christi lawyer Bill Edwards said of his former business partner and longtime friend. "It was something that he knew had to be done."
Truan credits DeAnda as one of the top attorneys ever to practice in the area.
"As a community, we have lost a great friend who dedicated his life to the practice of law," Truan said, adding that DeAnda also served as his first campaign manager at the start of his lengthy political career.
Despite his heavy caseloads, DeAnda always found time to work with civil rights leaders such as Hector P. Garcia and organizations such as the American GI Forum, the League of United Latin American Citizens, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Truan said.
Amador Garcia, a local lawyer, GI Forum member and cousin of Dr. Hector P. Garcia, said DeAnda was the forum's legal adviser and confidant to its founder.
"They kept their eyes on the prize and the prize was equality. Everything else was secondary," Garcia said.
He practiced law from 1955 to 1974 before being appointed by former President Jimmy Carter in 1979 to serve as a federal judge in Brownsville.
He was the second Mexican-American to be appointed to the federal bench, where he served until 1992. After retiring as a judge he continued to practice law in Houston until he became ill, Edwards said.
"He helped as many people as he could. I think he would have still been practicing if he hadn't gotten sick. We lost a real champion," Edwards said.
Services at George Lewis Funeral Home in Houston were pending late Thursday.
Contact Mary Ann Cavazos at 886-3623 or HYPERLINK

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Former American GI Forum commander absolved of wrongdoing???

Sep 8, 2006 05:02 PM
Former American GI Forum commander absolved of wrongdoing

CORPUS CHRISTI - Ram Chavez, the former commander of a local chapter of the American GI Forum said he's been cleared of misusing any of the group's funds.

At a news conference, Chavez said the National Organization was wrong when it expelled him after questions were raised about the founding chapter's use of funds from a lawsuit settlement in 2000. Chavez said a review by an independent CPA proves he did nothing wrong.

"The chapter has announced today that an accounting of those funds is complete and shows what I've known all along. The funds were all used for American GI Forum business."

6-News contacted the national headquarters of the American GI Forum for a comment, but calls haven't been returned.